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Rock of Ages

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Berserker - Hit the castle gate with the fireball powerup.

Champion of Champions - Beat the game in Story mode.

Eagle Eye - Score a direct hit on an enemy boulder with the Castlepult.

Escape from Hades - Complete the tutorial level and escape from the underworld.

Prosperous - Earn more than 7000 gold in one match.

Rock the Boat - Destroy a flying ship.

Top Shot - In SkeeBoulder, land your Boulder in the maximum multiplier.




Cocky - Win a match without destroying any of your adversary's units.

Flawless Victory - Win a match with your gate unscathed.

Keymaster - Find all the keys scattered throughout the levels.

Troublemaker - Win 10 online War games.




Bling Bling - Get a gold medal on all maps in Time Trial mode.

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