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Dungeon Twister

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Executor - Eliminate 2 enemies with only one action point.

First Twist - Rotate a room for the first time.

Flee! - Make at least 5 characters get out during the same game.

He had a thick skin! - Eliminate your opponent's Troll.

Novice strategist - Win mission 9 against the computer.

Pillage! - Leave with 2 Treasures during the same turn.

Scout - Reveal 3 rooms in a row with 3 action points.

Sniper - Throw a Fireball at a distance of more than 8 squares from your target.




Don't forget to eat... - Finish at least 30 multiplayer games on PlayStation®Network.

Get ready for PlayStation®Network! - Finish the Training mode.

Total respect - Collect more than 5000 points in Challenge mode.




You are the new Arch-Mage! - Win a difficulty 12 game in Challenge mode.

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