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Ice Age 4: Voll verschoben


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Acorn Nut - Collect every Acorn in Glacier Hopping.

Bob Smasher - Finish a Bob-Smashing race in Story Mode.

Bullseye - Place all your shells on the target in one round of Shell Slide.

Cliffhanger - Collect all acorns and reach the goal in under 1:00 minute in Ice Smash.

Coconut Slinger - Finish a Coconut Slingshot game in Story Mode.

Come on, fraidy cat! - Fall into the water 15 times with either Diego or Shira.

Dream come true - Find the hidden Acorn in the Scrat Cannon event.

Drifting like a sir - Pass through every gate in a single Mountain Drift race.

Further down the road - Reach the end of the level bouncing 20 times or less in Scrat Cannon.

Glacier Hopper - Finish a Glacier Hopping race in Story Mode.

Golden Breaker - Obtain a Gold Acorn time in Ice Smash (Free Play only).

Golden Flyer - Obtain a Gold Acorn score in Scrat Cannon (Free Play only).

Golden Glider - Obtain a Gold Acorn score in Shell Slide (Free Play only).

Golden Hopper - Obtain a Gold Acorn time in Glacier Hopping (Free Play only).

Golden Jumper - Obtain a Gold Acorn score in Style Jump (Free Play only).

Golden Plumber - Obtain a Gold Acorn score in Prehistoric Plumber (Free Play only).

Golden Skier - Obtain a Gold Acorn time in Mountain Drift (Free Play only).

Golden Slider - Obtain a Gold Acorn time in Slip Slide (Free Play only).

Golden Slingshooter - Obtain a Gold Acorn score in Coconut Slingshot (Free Play only).

Golden Smasher - Obtain a Gold Acorn score in Bob-Smashing (Free Play only).

Ice Breaker - Finish a Ice Smash game in Story Mode.

Mountain Drifter - Finish a Mountain Drift race in Story Mode.

None left standing - Break every wall of your team without breaking any wall of the opposing team in a Bob-Smashing race .

Scrat Cannoneer - Finish a Scrat Cannon game in Story Mode.

Scrat Plumber - Finish a Prehistoric Plumber game in Story Mode.

Shell Slider - Finish a Shell Slide game in Story Mode.

Slip Slider - Finish a Slip Slide race in Story Mode.

Speedster - Finish a Slip Slide race without hitting any snow patches.

Strike the Pose - Successfully complete 8 tricks in a single Style Jump game.

Style Jumper - Finish a Style Jump game in Story Mode




Herd Migration - Slide down 1000 miles of ice or snow.

Learn to Fly - Fly 500 miles over land or sea.

Master Bullseye - Place a shell in the exact center of the target, without steering it or hitting any other shell.

Oak Forest - Collect 1000 acorns.

Sharp Shooter - Destroy all targets in Coconut Slingshot.

That treasure is mine! - Win a Tournament against a friend




Bring home the Gold - Get a Gold Acorn on every single game event.

Herd Hero - Finish the Story mode while playing on the Herd's side.

Pirate Captain - Finish the Story mode while playing on the Crew's side.

The most beautiful story ever - Finish Story mode without losing a single game event.




Platinum Acorn - Obtain every other trophy in the game

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