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Chime Super Deluxe


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Best Friends Forever - Attain 100% coverage within 2:22 minutes in any level in Co-op Mode

The Cross - Create a quad using only the cross shape in Plaid – Tender Hooks

Renaissance Man - Create 3 quads before the beatline completes its first pass of the grid in Joe Hogan – Sympathy

Tyrannosaurus Quad - Create a quad containing 100 cells or more

Glutton - Create 10 perfect quads

Dot Matrix Hero - Complete stage 5 in Sabrepulse – Play With You

Thief! - Perform 10 quad steals in Versus Mode




Overachiever - Attain at least 100% coverage, a x50 multiplier and create a perfect quad in a single 3 minute Time Mode game

Clean Freak - Attain 100% coverage in any Time Mode or Co-op Mode level without losing your multiplier

Centurion - Attain a x100 multiplier in any level

Plate Spinner - Have 4 active quads on screen at once




Conquerer - Reach at least 100% coverage on all 10 original levels in the game in 3 minute Time Mode

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