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Devil May Cry 3 HD

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Asylum - Defeat Arkham.

Blood, Sweat, and Tears - Pass 666 levels in Bloody Palace Mode.

Brotherly Love - Fight Vergil a second time and prevail.

Devilish Deed - Achieve an S Rank on any mission with any character.

Double Trouble - Defeat Agni and Rudra.

Hell of a Start - Finish the game on Normal Mode with any character.

Inside Out - Defeat the Heart of Leviathan.

Lightning In A Bottle - Defeat Nevan.

Lights Out - Defeat Beowulf.

Man's Best Friend - Defeat Cerberus.

Pest Control - Defeat Gigapede.

Rough Rider - Defeat Geryon.

Sibling Rivalry - Survive an encounter with Vergil.

Step Into The Light - Defeat Doppelganger.

That's Not Lady-Like - Defeat Lady.

Worst Kept Secret - Complete a Secret Mission with any character.




Am I My Brother's Keeper - Finish the game on any difficulty as Vergil.

Big Spender - Purchase all Devil Arm skills with Dante.

Blood Donor - Pass 5000 levels in Bloody Palace Mode.

Give 'em Hell - Max out the Devil Trigger Gauge with Dante.

Gone To Hell - Finish the game on Hard Mode with any character.

Heaven Can Wait - Finish the game on Heaven or Hell Mode with any character.

Locked 'n Loaded - Reach the highest level for any gun with Dante.

Maximize Your Health - Max out the Health Bar with Dante.

The Path Less Travelled - Clear every mission in Yellow Orb Mode.

To Hell And Back - Finish the game on Very Hard Mode with any character.

To Hell With That - Kill 100 enemies during the credits.

Who's Laughing Now? - Defeat Jester in all of his forms.




Bloody Hell - Complete Bloody Palace Mode.

Hell Hath No Fury… - Finish the game on Dante Must Die Mode with any character.

Hellish Honor - Achieve an S Rank on all missions (any difficulty or character).

Left No Stone Unturned - Complete all Secret Missions with any Character.

Trend Setter - Reach the highest level in all Styles with Dante.




Platinum Trophy - Unlock all trophies.

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