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The Price is Right: Decades

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1st Bid FTW - Win a Contestant's row for the first time (Single player).

Archive Explorer - Unlock 5 tapes.

Archive Lover - Unlock 15 tapes.

Archive Rookie - Unlock your 1st tape.

Archive Specialist - Unlock 30 tapes.

Big Winner - The host player must finish 1st on a 4 players local multiplayer game.

Hospitality - Host 10 games online (any game mode).

Let's get the party started - Play a local multiplayer game.

Lucky Chips - Plinko 1983 : The host player wins $15 000 or more in a Plinko game (Local multiplayer).

Movie Night - Watch a bonus video.

Party Animal - Play 10 Local multiplayer games.

Social Player - Play a show online (any game mode).

The 00s Fan - Play 70 pricing games in 00's Decade (Single Player) (Show or Pricing game).

The 70s Fan - Play 50 pricing games in 70's Decade (Single Player) (Show or Pricing game).

The 80s Fan - Play 60 pricing games in 80's Decade (Single Player) (Show or Pricing game).

The 90s Fan - Play 60 pricing games in 90's Decade (Single Player) (Show or Pricing game).

The Contestant - Play 5 Contestant's Row online (any game mode).

The Veteran - Play 30 games online (any game mode).

Videophile - Watch all bonus videos.




Archive Master - Unlock all the tapes.

Big Fred - The host player wins a Double Money Showcase in a local multiplayer game.

Drop it like it’s hot - Plinko 1998 : Win $30,000 or more in one Plinko game online (any game mode).

On the nose! - Make 3 exact bids on Contestant's row (Any game mode).

Serious Player - Finish 1st on five 4-players multiplayer games online (any game mode).

The Athlete - Hurdles : Win 3 Hurdles games online (any game mode).

The Champion - Finish 1st on 10 multiplayer games online (any game mode).




Awesomeness - Showcase Showdown : Win by landing twice on 100 on your first spin and on your bonus spin.

Showcase Master - Win every showcases of every shows.




The Ultimate Fan - Win all the other trophies.




Versteckte Trophäen




Get it rollin’ - SECRET - Super Ball : Win $60,000 (cumulative) (Single)

It’s a Kind of Magic - SECRET - Magic Number : win $10,000 (cumulative) (Any Magic Number) (Single)

My name is Tiger - SECRET - Hole in One : win $40,000 (cumulative) (Single)

Punched! - SECRET - Punch A Bunch : Win $50,000 (cumulative) (Single)

Shopaholic - SECRET - It's in the bag : Win $40,000 (cumulative) (Single)

Somewhere over the rainbow - SECRET - Golden road 1984 : Win $50,000 (cumulative) (Single)

Superstar - SECRET - Walk Of Fame : win $20,000 (cumulative) (Single)

The Finish Line - SECRET - Win $10,000 cumulative in Race Game (Single player)

The PhD - SECRET - Professor Price : Answer correctly 3 questions in a row in one game. (Single)

The pot of gold - SECRET - Golden road 2005: Win $200,000 (cumulative) (Single)




A Nickel Away - SECRET - Check Out : Win the game with a difference of $0.05 or less (1982 or 1996) (Single)

Conquer the maze - SECRET - Pathfinder : win a Pathfinder game without making any mistake (Single)

Homerun! - SECRET - 3 strikes 1999 : win a game without misplacing any number (Single)

No strikes - SECRET - 3 Strikes 2009 : Win a game without drawing an X (Single)

On the Edge - SECRET - Cliff Hangers : win with the cliffhanger standing on the 25th step of the mountain. That was close! (Any Cliff Hangers) (Single)

The Clairvoyant - SECRET - Cover Up : win by placing all the right numbers in your first try (Single)

Time to Go Bonkers! - SECRET - Bonkers : Win a game on your first try! (Single)

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