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PSVita: Wake-Up Club

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Best of the Best - Took first place in the Wake-up Club 30 times

Counting Sheep - Checked out 11 other members' profiles

In Circles - Made a friend request via the Wake-up Club

Let the Games Begin - Wake up using Wake-up Club Alarm

Master Yodel - Cheered on other members over 2000 times

Quick Draw - Fastest wake up time is better than 3 seconds

Team Player - Joined the Wake-up Club more than 365 times

Union Square - Your Wake-up Club has succeeded




Awesome Members - Wake-up Club succeeded 365 times

Morning Master -The Wake-up Club has successfully woken up 30 times in a row

The Ring Leader - Successfully wake up a total of 200 times




Get This Party Started - The first time all members in the Wake-up Club have successfully woken up

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