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Revenge of Shinobi


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Beautiful Assassin - The dancing lady in Chinatown must not be defeated!

Behold! Emblem of Blue! - Appreciate the SEGA logo.

Impenetrable Wall - Guard 10 attacks with your cross-guard.

Miraculous Ninja Arts - Use all four types of Ninjutsu in one game.

Shinobi Has Fallen - How was that dive into the waterfall?

Shinobi Watches - Stand atop the brick pillar in 3-1. Ninja style!

Shuriken Rain - Use 300 Shuriken.

Shuriken Starburst - Demonstrate Joe Musashi's 8-way Shuriken Attack.

The Traps of Neo Zeed - Trigger 10 bombs.




A Clash With Evil - Defeat the Round 1 boss without using the 8-way Shuriken Attack.

Brawn Over Ninjutsu - Finish 6-1 without using any Ninjutsu




For Naoko. For peace. Shinobi forever! - Rescue Naoko without using a continue.

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