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PS Vita: BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend

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*Wheeze*…Just Getting Started - Increased all character stats to 50 in [Abyss] mode.

About Half Way - Defeated the boss at level 500 of the [Abyss].

Artwork?! Gimmie! - Unlocked 50% of the items in the [Gallery].

Breaking in the New Guys - Finished Makoto’s, Valkenhayn’s, Platinum and Relius’s scenarios in [story] mode.

Eye of the Tiger - Trained for more than 30 minutes, non-stop.

Feels Like the First Time - Won your first team [Player Match].

I can’t Stop Winning - Won three [Ranked Matches].

I See What You Did There - Played back replay data over 10 times in [Replay Theater].

Just the Beginning - Defeated the boss level at level 100 of the [Abyss].

Kaka-kaze - Have been blown up by the chibi-kakas in [unlimited Mars] mode.

Level 20 - Reached level 20.

Like a Boss - Fought 100 matches in [Ranked Match].

Mars Need Winnin’ - Attempted [unlimited Mars] mode over 10 times.

Mastered the Basics - Cleared over 50 missions in [Challenge] mode.

Mind on my Money - Accumulated over 100,000P$.

Oh—NOW I Get It…! - Finished the Calamity Trigger scenario in [story] mode.

Plays Well With Others - Fought ten team [Player Matches].

That Will Suffice - Finished the [Tutorial] mode.

There’s No 'I' In Team - Won a team elimination match without even fighting.

Time to Hit the Arcades - Finished [Arcade] mode.




Getting Down to Abyss-ness - Defeated the boss at level 999 of the [Abyss].

Just Getting Used To It - Raised any character’s PSR to over 200 in a [Ranked Match]

Mastered the…Master? - Cleared over 100 missions in [Challenge] mode.

Murakumo…AWAKEN! - Defeated the secret boss in [Arcade] mode.

The Beginning of the End - Finished [score Attack] mode.

To Be Continued—! - Witnessed the true ending in [story] mode.




Abyssmal Shopaholic - Acquired all the items from the shop in [Abyss] mode.

Gallery Guru - Unlocked everything there is to see in the [Gallery].




Un…believable - Mastered BlazBlue Continuum Shift – Extend.




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