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Bellator: MMA Onslaught


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Earned, Not Given - Finish Tournament Mode

Fight Technician - Unlock All Technical Skills

Immovable - Win a Ranked Match without being Thrown

Strike Master - Unlock All Striking Skills

Submission Master - Unlock All Submission Skills

Throw Master - Unlock All Throw Skills

Ungrabbable - Win a Ranked Match without being Clinched

Untouchable - Win a Ranked Match without being Hit by a Standing, Clinch, or Ground Strike

Winners Welcome - Win a Superfight Match




Fast Track to Victory - Win 5 Ranked Matches in a Row

Record Time Win! - Defeat an Opponent in under 20 Seconds in a Ranked Match

Super Fighter - Get Grade S in a Ranked Match




Bellator Mastery - Achieve Maximum Level with a Custom Fighter

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