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M.A.G. - Offizieller Thread

Guest polarfuechse

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Guest polarfuechse

Edit vom Fuchs

Informationen zum Spiel

Orden und Ordensbänder



Offizielle Homepage


Edit von energie1989

Dies ist der allgemeine Thread zu M.A.G.

Hier könnt ihr Fragen rund um das Spiel stellen und natürlich auch beantworten.


Um euch über Taktiken usw. zu unterhalten, nutzt bitte folgenden Thread:



Auch hier wird gebeten Spam zu vermeiden. Dieser wird, bevor es ausartet, gelöscht.

Eure Mithilfe hierfür ist selbstverständlich erwünscht.


Ich werde hier auch ein wenig aufpassen, sodass es nicht ausartet. :ok: (Bin der inoffizielle M.A.G. Hausmeister :lol:)


Serverarbeiten sind immer Montags bis Freitag 11-13Uhr (MEZ)


Ich werd hier auch regelmäßig die Information aktualisiern und die Pachtnotes listen, welche aber ebenfalls im offiziellen M.A.G. Blog zufinden sind.


Patchnotes v1.01 (37-68MB)



· Added ability for player to use knife during a reload animation.

· Applied significant tuning adjustments for all weapons and armor.

· Increased sprint duration before tiring by 30%.

· Lowered XP requirements for levels 2 thru 4.

· Lowered level-entry restrictions for Sabotage from Level 3 to Level 2.

· Lowered level-entry restrictions for Acquisition from Level 5 to Level 4.

· Lowered level-entry restrictions for Domination from Level 10 to Level 8.

· Enabled proper level requirements for unlocking headgear, facegear, and uniforms.

· Fixed problem with recoil/firing animation that kept playing for a few seconds after the player fires an automatic gun and uses knife swipe simultaneously.


· Fixed bug where incapacitated players’ nametags would occasionally disappear.

· Repositioned onscreen weapons for improved field of view.

· Armory items (facegear/ headgear/ uniforms) reordered.

· Removed helmets from “Loadout 3” for all factions.


· Made significant increase in framerate during player-heavy games.

· Changed light settings for all environments.

· Polished recoil effect for better realism.

· Fixed offset muzzle flash effect.

· Tuned camera to shake more realistically when hit by bullets.

· Adjusted “blur” effect for both normal sights and iron sights.

· Added alternate reload animation.

· New “light scatter” treatment for all skies.

· Repaired various “weapon clipping” issues.

· Enacted several particle fogging adjustments.


· Switched first-person weapon sounds to true stereo.

· Moved first-person character interactions and weapon switches to true stereo.

· Tweaked sounds effects relating to landing on surfaces.


· Added error display and queue panel updates to notify player when they’ve encountered a “join game” failure.

· Made various server stability fixes and tweaks.




Patchnotes v1.01a (300KB)




  • Resolved issue that caused banding and/or artifacts in the sky.



  • Server performance enhancements with a focus on reducing lag issues.
  • Lowered chances of encountering 5:5 errors
  • Added additional statistics-focused servers
  • Added additional servers for Japan.
  • Reduces the amount of time after a game finishes before stats post to account.




Patchnotes v1.02 (39-55MB)




  • Fixed issue where water-submerged players could not be resuscitated.




  • Restricted Medic icon for downed players will only show up to those with the “Resuscitation” Support Skill Equipped.
  • Incapacitated player icons are now hidden from teammates who can’t resuscitate them.
  • Added distance indicator for incapacitated teammates (meters).
  • Added distance display for “Anti-Personnel” and “Anti-Tank” Mines for both teammates and enemies equipped with the “Explosives Detector.”
  • Localization changes for language in the Armory screen.



  • Fixed XP requirements for Level 36 (moved from 23,686 to 21,999) and Level 37 (moved from 23,803 to 23,083).
  • Statistical changes to support eventual integration into MAG.com website.



  • Improved server performance to reduce instances of lag in population-heavy games.
  • Groups cannot enter match if one of its members is banned from the game.
  • Regional server hosting IDs adjusted in North American locations.




Patchnotes v1.03 (41-49MB)




  • Overhauled tuning of multiple weapons of all types (see “Weapon” section below)
  • Improved speed of weapon and gear swapping by approximately 500 milliseconds.
  • Fixed bug in SVER’s Aralkum Mechanical Acquisition map and Absheron Refinery Domination map that allowed players to defuse a charge planted on a repaired gate or door.
  • Added a “solid tone” sound effect near the end of a charge’s beeping detonation timer so that players know when the charge can no longer be defused and that they should vacate the area.
  • “Medium Improved” Armor now works as intended with the speed properties of Medium Armor and a defensive value greater than Medium, but less than Heavy Armor.
  • Changed resuscitated player’s camera orientation to match the last camera direction used while incapacitated instead of the pre-harm camera.
  • Players no longer lose XP if a teammate is killed by an objective explosion caused by a charge they planted.
  • Respec Point requirements in Barracks have been changed from 3K, 5K, 10K, 17K, 26K, and 26K-Repeat to 1K, 2K, 3K, and 3K-Repeat.
  • Lowered the amount of damage necessary to kill an incapacitated enemy
  • All fired projectiles (RPGs, Turret Rockets) have been given a steadier aim.
  • Mines that haven’t been triggered are no longer removed from the map when the dead player that deploys them respawns unless that player changes their Loadout (note: The maximum number of mines you can plant cannot exceed the number you initially spawn with).
  • Fixed bug that prevented “fully-resuscitated” players with more than 100 health points from receiving their full HP.
  • Fixed bug that caused players to take unnecessary damage from both friendly and enemy vehicles when touching them.
  • Players no longer lose leadership points after entering “Veteran Mode.”



  • “From the hip” firing for Light and Medium machine guns have stronger recoil and are less accurate when moving.
  • Tuned weapon damage for all three factions.
  • Modified all short-ranged weapons (pistols, PDWs, shotguns, SMGs) so that they’re less effective at long distances.
  • Made Battle Rifles more effective.
  • Reduced accuracy bonus for using iron sights and reflex sights so that players can no longer snipe with weapons that aren’t intended to do so.
  • Increased damage values for all rockets to make them more effective (ex: three rockets can now destroy a DE turret).
  • Shooting through thin materials (fences, tents, etc.) will be more consistent.
  • Increased spread on shotguns.
  • Improved animations for rocket launchers.




  • Fixed bug that caused the recoil animation to end early or stop animating if a player was firing their weapon for a long period of time.
  • Changed detonation time on smoke and poison gas grenades to prevent them from exploding in mid-air to eliminate unintended FX issues.
  • Added realistic fogging effects to sky-domes.



  • Fixed most conditions that caused players to be caught in a “respawn loop” which kept restarting the respawn queue when the countdown clock reached 0.
  • Changed in-game conditions to make it less likely to experience in-game freezes.
  • Improved client-side stability.




Patchnotes v1.04 (30-40MB)




  • Fixed bug that made it possible for incapacitated players to be revived inside geometry (objectives, vehicles, walls, bridges, etc.).
  • Corrected “Kills at 120m” stat display bug.




  • Sniper rifles have been tuned to be less effective when they’re not scoped.
  • Slightly pushed out “effective” range of all short-ranged weapons (pistols, PDWs, shotguns, SMGs).




  • Fixed error text “undefined Unnamed” and the appearance of a blue APC icon that appeared when a Squad Leader FRAGO’d an APC objective.




  • Significant anti-cheat improvement that minimizes and blocks several “lag pedal” device exploits.
  • Enhanced all queues to accept Zipper-activated “Directives” game states.




Patchnotes v1.04a (84MB)




  • Adjusted player boundaries to limit “spawn camping” exploits in Darien Network, Copper Hills Relay and Syr Daria Uplink maps.

Map – Syr Daria Uplink


  • Pushed in physical defensive boundary for Attacker’s “Alpha Squad” spawns 10 meters.
  • Removed two short staircases in front of Attacker’s “Alpha Squad” spawn.
  • Relocated box truck to block sightline on attacker’s right side at “Objective A” stairwell.
  • Added box truck to block sightline exploit to Attacker’s “Alpha” squad main entrance.
  • Added fence line to Attacker’s right side at “Objective A.”
  • Pushed parachute drop near “Objective C” forward by 25 meters.
  • Added new entrance to “Objective C” building in right corner.
  • Added additional geometry near “Objective C” to block sightline exploits near main door.
  • Added and removed various small object and panel locations to repair or enhance sightlines.
  • Multiple terrain repaints in various locations.



  • Fixed crash that sometimes occurred when reviving players who died while interacting with objective.




Pachtnotes v1.05 (40-41MB)




  • Improved the automatic Leadership selection criteria to make players with microphones more likely to be selected than those without them (note: this does not prevent players without microphones from being selected as leaders)
  • Adjusted automatic Leadership selection criteria to include Leadership point total in preference formula.



  • Repaired bug that prevented players who were incapacitated and then revived from throwing grenades until they reload.
  • Fixed issue with the game lock-ups caused by “hanging” black screen following the conclusion of a gameplay round.
  • Repaired crash that sometimes occurred after playing more than 15 consecutive rounds.
  • Resolved issue with rare game crash that occurred during playback of intro video.
  • Numerous localization changes for in-game text.



  • Adjusted iron sights to give player clearer view for the following weapons: AK-103, M4A1, PKP MG, Apex 100, RTK-74, Boudini 12 Gauge, and T-195.
  • Improved accuracy on all iron sights and red dot sights.
  • Increased upwards-recoil to all machine guns.
  • Slightly increased accuracy for pistols, PDWs, and SMGs.




Patch v.1.06 (TBA)




  • Player knife attacks no longer deal damage to members of own PMC.
  • Headshot damage bonuses no longer apply to friendly fire.
  • Changed rewards for the resuscitation of an incapacitated ally to 5XP for partial health revive, and 10XP for full heath revive.
  • Added functionality to Medical Kit so that players can now heal themselves with L1 in addition to using R1 to heal or revive a teammate.
  • All vehicle handling has been improved and been given more realistic physics.
  • Added three gun ports to APCs of all factions.
  • Slowed down the rate of fire for the APC’s primary gun, but increased bullet damage.
  • Primary APC gun can now damage enemy APCs.



  • Adjusted damage for the AM50, Rollins LRRS, and AGVK sniper rifles vs. vehicles and emplaced turrets.
  • Increased rate of fire for all pistols (Raven’s F57, SVER’s IZ-443, and Valor’s M9).
  • Improved close-range effectiveness and decreased long-range effectiveness for all Pistols, Machine Pistols, SMGs and Shotguns.
  • Made all LMG foregrips less effective at stabilizing fire.
  • Made improved stability skills less effective at stabilizing fire for machine guns.
  • Credit cost for Pistols has been changed to 0c from 100c.
  • Credit cost for Machine Pistols has been changed to 200c from 300c.
  • Credit cost for SMGs has been changed to 300c from 400c.
  • Credit cost for Shotguns has been changed to 400c from 600c.
  • Credit cost for Improved Rocket Launchers has been changed to 800c from 1000c.
  • Credit cost for Smoke Grenades has been changed to 200c from 300c.
  • Credit cost for Poison Gas Grenades has been changed to 500c from 600c.
  • Credit cost for Explosives Detector has been changed to 300c from 600c.



  • Adjusted requirements for most Medal Awards.
  • Added progress bars to all Medal Awards.
  • Changed vehicle icon visibility on the map to reflect its current status of visibility instead of its previous map state of “always seen.”
  • Repaired display problem in the “Community” tab’s “Player Search” screen that improperly presented names with multiple non-alphabet characters.
  • Statistics for “Enemy Vehicles Destroyed Assists” and “Enemy Turrets Destroyed Assists” are now correctly listed in proper category “Objectives.”



  • Fixed display problem with player’s left hand placement when using foregrip and bipod on the Raven Apex 100 light machine gun.
  • Fixed issue that prevented repaired roadblocks from “shining” to indicate that they can be interacted with.



  • Previously-released downloadable content (Fast Attack Gear Pack, Trooper Gear Pack, Raven’s Spyder Body Apparel, SVER’s Hazard Body Apparel, and Valor’s Bulldog Body Apparel) is now accessible to all users without PlayStation Store access.
  • Patched problem that prevented users to save loadout with DLC weapons following a “Respec” action.
  • Repaired issue that caused renamed PSN IDs to be incorrectly identified as its previous name when logging in.




  • Updated patching system to allow for faster download speeds when retrieving in-game updates.



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Patchnotes v1.06
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Guest polarfuechse
Hat das Game überhaupt schon jemand?? Außer übers Internet ist es wohl noch nicht erhältlich?!


Es kommt offiziell am Freitag raus. Aber man wird es mit Sicherheit schon Mittwoch oder Donnerstag bekommen. :ok:

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Guest polarfuechse
Über gamesonly.at hätte man es heute schon zocken können. ^^


Is aber bestimmt nicht sonderlich spannend, wenn kaum welche es haben. :keks2:

Ich werd es Donnerstag bekommen. :)

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Es kommt offiziell am Freitag raus. Aber man wird es mit Sicherheit schon Mittwoch oder Donnerstag bekommen. :ok:



In Europa erscheint es offiziel am 27 und 2 tage später also am 29 dann in uk.


Hatte ich, glaube ich zumindest, hier auf Play 3 gelesen:ok:

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Guest polarfuechse
In Europa erscheint es offiziel am 27 und 2 tage später also am 29 dann in uk.


Hatte ich, glaube ich zumindest, hier auf Play 3 gelesen:ok:


Da verwechselst du was mit HR. xDD M.A.G. erscheint offiziell in Europa überall gleich. Bei HR sind 2 Tage zwischen den Releases.

Inoffiziell wird man es aber schon fürher bekommen. Siehe Schweiz. Da ich leider nich in ner Großstadt wohne muss ich auch bis Donnerstag warten, bis mein kleiner Zockerladen um die Ecke es hat.

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