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Hallo leute,

kann mir das einer Übersetzen?:naughty:


BLUESIDE have today confirmed that there are two new additions to the development team of Kingdom Under Fire II, which is currently being developed by Phantagram and BLUESIDE Inc, and will be published by NHN in Korea. The new members of the team are two of the most prestigious game developers Korean online game industry has to offer, Yong-Chan Jee and Young-Sun Lee.


One is the creative director of KUFII project, Yong-Chan Jee will act as the creative director for Kingdom Under Fire II, and the other new addition, Young-Sun Lee, will become the project manager/lead server programmer.


Yong-Chan Jee is known as the very brain behind designing the epic Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) Aion: The Tower of Eternity, the game that’s been praised by many as the game that revolutionized the course of Korea’s online game industry. His unpredictable, and yet satisfying game design made Aion: The Tower of Eternity the #1 online game in Korea, and there are only handfuls who would argue that he’s one of the most talented game designers that online gaming has seen.


“I’ve worked on RPGs for the most of my career, and personally I think this is a very good opportunity for me and consider myself very lucky to be able to work on a completely different kind of game like Kingdom Under Fire II. On top of Kingdom Under Fire series’ trademark action and RTS elements, I believe bringing some online game touch into the series will definitely make the game even more dynamic and diverse. Some of the very familiar online game elements such as customization will be introduced for the first time in the series, and player will be able to customize not only characters but also troops, allowing them to create his or her own army. Gameplay wise, Kingdom Under Fire II will offer something for both the players that prefer action-heavy gameplay hacking and slashing being in the shoes of one of the heroes, and those who prefer the strategic side of the gameplay commanding multiple troops simultaneously. I think this kind of combination of various types of players can only be achieved through online gaming experience” says Yong-Chan Jee.


Meanwhile, Young-Sun Lee, who is now the project manager and the lead server programmer of Kingdom Under Fire II, is the former director of Special Force, one of the most popular First-Person Shooter (FPS) games in the history of Korean online game industry, which generates more than 100,000 CCU. He was also one of the board members of Dragon Fly, the developer of Special Force. He was the very person that was responsible for bringing the success to the game, and had led Dragon Fly’s network team nearly for ten years to ensure the stable network service that Special Force is well known for. His long years of experience in the industry and talent as a developer are recognized by many as his biggest assets.


“I’ve been developing games for a long time, and if there’s one thing that I always strive for, that has to be overcoming difficult challenges I face, and the satisfaction I get whenever I succeed is what drives me. Kingdom Under Fire II is a challenging project because we have to hit the perfect spot when mixing the three main elements, Action, RTS, and Community together, but this challenging aspect was the very reason I was attracted to this project. I wish I could join the team earlier at the beginning stage of the development, but what I can say for sure is I feel from the work they’ve done so far, the amount of time and effort the developers here have put into the game are unbelievable, and they are really passionate about this game. I also saw a huge potential from this game, a potential to become a game that is enjoyed by various types of players. I feel very thankful that I was given an opportunity to be a part of it, and I will do my best to provide players a type of gaming experience they’ve never experienced before.” remarked Lee.


Sang-Youn Lee, who is the producer/director of Kingdom Under Fire II showed great confidence in the title by adding, “Kingdom Under Fire II will set a new standard because of its unique genre and style of gameplay, and we’re doing the best we can to implement the perfect mix. I’m very impressed with Jee’s ability to design online games, and our effort to make Kingdom Under Fire II enjoyable to all kinds of players is going smooth as planned thanks to him. On the other hand, the console market has been the focus of our business until recently but Lee’s broad experience in online game development is helping us tremendously to make up that lack of experience. We have no doubt that we’re well on our way to give a birth to a very high quality title which will not only be enjoyed by Korean players but also by players worldwide.”


Kingdom Under Fire II is being developed for PC online and consoles, and a beta test for PC online version has been confirmed as set to take place at the end of this year. The release date is yet to be confirmed, but Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on Kingdom Under Fire II, and other forthcoming games from BLUESIDE.





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Ja, weil ich an einem 28° Sommertag nichts anderes zu tun habe als ellenlange, langweilige Texte zu übersetzen. Du glaubst doch nicht ernsthaft, dass sich da einer die Mühe macht oder? :lol:

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Wer mir das Übersetzt bekommt 5 Euro von mir:keks2:


WoW , jetzt weiss ich warum wir Deutschen bei der Pisa Studie immer so schlecht abschneiden wenn jemand nichtmal so einen leicht zu lesenden Text auf englisch versteht.


Sorry aber an deiner Stelle würd ich mir mal Sorgen machen.Jeder aus der 7 Klasse Realschule versteht den Text.


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Wer mir das Übersetzt bekommt 5 Euro von mir:keks2:


Wenn du noch ne Capri Sonne und nen Kaugummilutscher drauflegst sind wir im Geschäft :think:

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Hier haste die ersten 3 Abschnitten für den Rest hatte ich jetzt kB..aber aus fun kann man das mal machen xD




BLUESIDE haben heute bestätigt, dass das Entwickler Team von Kingdom Under Fire II, welches momentan von Phantagram und BLUESIDE Inc entwickelt und von NHN in Korea gepublished wird, Zuwachs bekommen hat. Die neuen Mitglieder des Teams sind zwei der meist gerühmten Spiele Entwickler der Koreanischen Online Game Industrie, Yong-Chan Jee und Young-Sun Lee.


Yong-Chan Jee ist der kreative Direktor des KUFII Projektes, Young-Sun Lee hingegen wird der projekt manager/lead server programmer.


Yong-Chan Jee ist bekannt als das ''Hirn'' der Gestaltung des epischen MMORPG's Aion: The Tower of Eternity. Das Spiel wurde vielerseits gelobt als das Spiel, welches die Koreanische online Spiele industrie revolutionierte. Sein unberechenbares und doch zufriedenstellendes Spieldesign machten Aion: The Tower of Eternity zur Nummer 1 online Game in Korea und es gibt eine handvoll Leute die behaupten er sei einer der meist talentiertesten Designer die die Online Gaming welt je gesehen hat.

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