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Ausm Reddit.

Besser hätte man das ganze nicht schreiben können zur Situation "Dice zieht sich wegen toxischem (lol) Verhalten von Reddit zurück"

Who cares anyway? So far their engagement with the community whether on Reddit or other platforms has only been ridiculous and almost inexistent. The devs or reps who worked on this piece of crap kept delivering tons of BS not to say lies to the community before release to sell their scam. Then after release they switched to complete ghosting mode before returning only to engage on an arrogant and delusional tone towards the community, after players started to react to the scam they felt a victim of. To finally decide to switch back to ghosting mode because their failure and damage to this brand is beyond repair anyway.

I agree that it’s useless for them to engage with the community as too much anger and frustration has been accumulated within the community now. The thing is that it accumulated mostly because of the stupid and unprofessional decision of Dice to disappear and go full radio silent during nearly 1 month in “vacations” immediately after the release of one of the worst so called AAA FPS of the past decade. So indeed now 3 months later there’s no point for devs to go to the meat grinder and it’s useless anyway. It should have been done in November and December. As far as I’m concerned I would anyway have absolutely zero confidence into whatever statement a dev of this game would make on Reddit or any other platform. And anyway what weight does have a simple dev or even a middle manager at the current DICE company? Not much apparently since several sources confirm the current poor leadership and core management team who made an internal policy to consistently ignore critics and devs remarks.

Personally I don’t care and I ain’t even interested by Dice devs engaging with the community on Reddit. What for anyway? To tell us dull stuff like “we hear you” “you are right” “be patient it will get better”? We’re far beyond the point where emotional patches can suffice to restore the confidence between a community and a team of devs. No, BF2042 is a garbage that I permanently uninstalled of my SSD since early December and the BF franchise is dead to me, they went a bridge too far with this scam that is one failure too much. Now I’m just interested by spectating the next phases of this historical fiasco in the video game industry, and the fall of Dice because of the incompetence of the current leadership and core management team. The only curiosity I have in regards to Dice now is to see how long it will take them to end up in bankruptcy because of all the ill decisions of their current executive leadership (which isn’t the same leadership and management team who gave us the good BFs of the franchise and the historical successes of Dice, since they all retired or moved to other studios since 2018).They call it toxic, paying customers call this accountability 

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vor 6 Minuten schrieb hennesch:

Now I’m just interested by spectating the next phases of this historical fiasco in the video game industry, and the fall of Dice because of the incompetence of the current leadership and core management team.

Amen! 🙏🏻

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Also der "Feedback Loop", der für later this Month angekündigt wurde, findet nun doch nicht am ALLERLETZTEN Tag der Monats statt, sondern wird auf Anfang März delayed.

Wieso überhaupt noch ein Datum für irgendwas nennen. Das ist nicht nur mittlerweile lachhaft und peinlich, sondern auch umprofessionell hoch zehn.

Weekly objectives:
- Ignore reddit (100/100)
- Post 3 tweets (1/3)
- Gaslight community (1/1)

Bildschirmfoto 2022-02-25 um 21.05.49.png

Edited by hennesch
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Mich hat DICE vollkommen verloren aus der beliebtesten Shooter Reihe deren meine Wenigkeit im MP gefrönt hat haben die sich mit BF 2042 Beide Beine weggeschossen, die Arme verloren weil sie bei den Fans nicht bis drei zählen können und sich selbst den Kopf herunter geschossen so blind wie der Entwickler und Publisher hinter ihnen zu der Community sind.

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